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Activating Nonprofit Thrivability!

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Join Us in Activating Nonprofit Thrivability - Support Cause Effective Today!

As Cause Effective embarks on it's next chapter, we invite you to be a part of our mission to "Activate Nonprofit Thrivability." Our focus is to expand and deepen our engagement with mission-driven leaders and beneficiaries who share our values and resonate with our commitment to tackle systemic community issues and champion social, racial, and economic justice in historically underserved areas.

Cause Effective has introduced the Thrivability model to enhance our program and consulting services that we provide to nonprofit professionals and boards. The Thrivability framework is a nonprofit management practice that operates through five pillars to help organizations center diversity, equity and inclusion and organizational collaboration as they work to raise awareness, engagement, and funding to achieve their missions.

The Thrivability Pillars are:
  • Identity as more than diversity representation but a culture asset to their mission and work
  • Centering DEI in Fundraising, Communications and Governance
  • Collaboration and Allyship to fuel social justice and equity
  • Philanthropic Education raise greater awareness around systemic issues impacting marginalized communities
  • The Power of Transformational Partnership is to build trust with donors and funders and deeper investments to create the world that we seek.

Your contribution to Cause Effective is more than a donation; it's an investment in the future of the nonprofit sector, empowering leaders and organizations to tackle the complexities and challenges of our time.

Join us in our quest to Activate Nonprofit Thrivability.

In Solidarity,
The Cause Effective Team

P.S. Remember, your involvement goes beyond just a donation – it's a partnership in a movement. Every contribution brings us closer to a world where nonprofits don't just survive, but thrive. Let's make this vision a reality, together. Thank you for your continued support!